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Sense of Experiences

Xensory Lab Limited is located in Hong Kong and was founded by a team of creative visual professionals, digital market specialists and computer experts. Our mission is to delegate our professional and innovative technologies, bring the world's top quality interactive experiences solutions to build our client's success. 






XENSORY LAB provides you with different kind of sensory experiences solutions. With strong team support for industry advanced hardware technology and software development specialist. We could help to create extraordinary experiences for you and your client need.
Major Experiences:
  • Touch Screen (LED & Mobile App)
  • Motion Detection
  • AR (Augmented Reality)
  • VR (Virtual Reality)
  • Immersive VR
  • Walking VR

The World-Class Enterprise-Level VR Solution

Xensory Lab Limited is authorized reseller and services provider of the world-class leading VR solution provider - Worldviz VR System.

Immersive VR System

Immersive VR System

Immersive VR System

Immersive VR System

Immersive VR System

Immersive VR System

Worldviz Vizard VR Software

Worldviz Vizard VR Software

VR Headset with Motion Tracking

VR Headset with Motion Tracking

Worldviz VizMove System

Worldviz VizMove System

XENSORY LAB empowers you with our latest technologies. We develop fresh interactive and creative experiences, explore worlds yet to imagine, unleash brand potential power, and interact with customer at an extraordinary way.

Major Scopes:

  • Architecture & Interior

  • Education & Research

  • Game & Entertainment

  • Manufacture & Design

  • Health Care

  • Job Training

  • Marketing Event

We provide a total tailor-made solution for VR / AR / Touch / Motion and for all your need. Offers a full range ONE-STOP support from creative & design, software development, hardware integration, setup & training to ensuring quality on time delivery.

Creative & Design

Technology Integration

Customized Development

Installation & Training

Device Rental Plan

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