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Worldviz Vizard VR System @Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Xensory Lab 於香港理工大學設置的 Worldviz Vizard VR Precision Position Tracking System 虛擬實境系統 超感研動有限公司是世界領先的企業級虛擬實境解決方案-Worldviz VR系統的分銷商及服務供應商。自2002年成立以來,WorldViz經已是虛擬實境解決方案的領導者,為世界500強企業和頂級科研機構提供系統諮詢和技術發展,VizMove的高性能虛擬實境軟件開發系統;Vizard頂級的運算、移動追蹤和3D投影技術,無論應用於工業設計、行業培訓、行為研究和規劃設計,讓您以世界級的虛擬實境解決方案,從構思到達成完整的VR系統項目。

Xensory Lab Limited is authorized reseller and services provider of the world-class leading VR solution provider - Worldviz VR System. WorldViz has been the leader in virtual reality solutions, providing consulting and technological development to Fortune 500 companies and top research institutions since 2002. VizMove takes our high-performance virtual reality software toolkit, Vizard, and pairs it with top-of-the-line computing, motion tracking, and 3D projection technology to enable you with the world's best virtual reality solution, enabling you from the moment you open the box to drive your projects from conception to complete VR immersion. VizMove Projection VR is suited for industrial training, behavioral research, design review, and much more.

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