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Android Programming Course


手機App已是每個人手機中必備的工具,用途廣泛,可作工作、溝通和交易之用!而Google和麻省理工大學媒體實驗室合作開發App Inventor後,更簡化了製作難度。積木拼圖形式,讓同學輕鬆製作自己的手機應用程式。為增加課程的趣味,我們利用星願小王子的故事貫穿整個學習課程,同學們需要製作不同遊戲程式,幫助小王子過關,並從中學到不同範疇的程式。

Mobile App is the necessary tool for mobile phones, and has plenty of functions, such as working, communication and trading. App Inventor is developed by Google and MIT Media Lab, with simple UI and puzzle blocks, making it easy for students to create their own mobile app. In order to increase the fun of the courses, story style is adapted to run through the whole courses. Students need to produce different game programs to help the main characters to pass through various levels and learn different program knowledge.

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