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Scratch Game Coding Course

Scratch 遊戲程式製作課程

Scratch 是麻省理工大學媒體實驗室為小朋友開發的電腦程式,以積木拼圖形式,讓小朋友輕鬆學習程式設計及遊戲製作。為增加課程的趣味,我們利用星願小王子的故事貫穿整個學習課程,同學們需要製作不同遊戲程式,幫助小王子過關,並從中學到不同範疇的程式。

Scratch is developed by MIT Media Lab and used to help children for coding practice. Its program format is formed by block puzzle, so that children can easily learn programming and game production. In order to increase the fun of the courses, story style is adapted to run through the whole courses. Students need to produce different game programs to help the main characters to pass through various levels and learn different program knowledge.

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