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360 Campus Photography And VR Production Courses

VR 360 校園全景拍攝及製作課程

以使用 Google Tango 技術的 Matterport 全景拍攝系統及 Go Pro Omni 等攝影器材,製作以360度全景超高清拍攝照片或影片,讓使用者親歷臨現場實況。學生可以實戰應用這些拍攝器材,於校舍拍攝全景照,並存放於學校網站;又或使用 VR 硬體,如 HTC VIVE, Oculus 或 Samsung VR 於校內開放日,讓參觀者虛擬遊覽學校設施。

Matterport 360 全景拍攝系統,廣泛應用於商業樓盤及地產行業的拍攝工序,讓客人可以如身歷其境在現場地方遊走。

By using Google Tango technology - Matterport panoramic shooting system and Go Pro Omni photographic equipment, produces 360-degree panoramic ultra-high-definition photo shoots or films, and allows users to experience the live scene. Students can use these shooting equipment to take panoramic views of the school premises, and place on school websites. Students can also use VR hardware, such as HTC VIVE, Oculus or Samsung VR during school open days, so that visitors can virtual tour school facilities.

Matterport 360 Panorama shooting system is widely used in business properties and real estate industry shooting process.

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