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The First Set in Hong Kong - Virtuix Omni VR Game System

全港首台 VR 體感裝置 Virtuix Omni,現時大部分的 VR 裝置主要是利用 Headset 和手掣操作。但 Virtuix Omni 採用革命性體感裝置,玩者需要運用全身才能操作Virtuix Omni,包括需要用雙腳奔走。所以感覺對比普通的VR設備特別真實,好像完全置身於遊戲世界。它的基本配件有感應鞋及感應台,而遊戲模式設有分單打和對打模式。

At present, most VR devices mainly use headsets and controllers for operation. But Virtuix Omni uses a revolutionary device, requiring players use their whole body to operate Virtuix Omni. Therefore, this game setting bring a real virtual world to players. Virtuix Omni’s basic accessories includes inductive shoes and induction platform, with singles and doubles game mode.

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