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Donut Adventure @ D·PARK

超感研動與D·PARK合作打造融合「創新」、「趣味」及「探索」三大核心元素的<Donut Adventure>, 當中包括:將孩子化身「拯救隊」隊員,在虛擬火場中拯救災民及傷者的<Donut Rescue>、讓孩子化身為農場主人,於農場設計專屬的動物、管理及養飼農場動物的<Donut Farm>等等遊戲區!

Xensory Lab and D·PARK collaborate to create <Donut Adventure> which integrates the three core elements of “innovation”, “fun” and “exploration”! Including: <Donut Rescue> which is transforming children into “rescue team” players and save the victims from virtual fire; <Donut Farm> which is letting the children become the owner of the farm, design some exclusive animals, manage and feed the farm animals; and other game areas!

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