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LINE FRIENDS哈囉喂糖果樂園 @ Ocean Park

今年萬聖節,超感研動與海洋公園合作推出聯乘人氣卡通LINE FRIENDS的互動遊戲!「LINE FRIENDS糖果夢工場」是一個互動遊戲屋,在這個糖果廠內,一眾LINE FRIENDS朋友仔正趕製主題糖果,需要大家幫手將材料加工,透過互動屏幕分類糖果,或者用籃子接住上方掉下來的糖果等,合力製作出美味糖果!為大家在驚嚇的萬聖節中添上歡樂!

In the past Halloween 2019, Xensory Lab collaborated with Ocean Park to launch the interactive game featuring popular cartoon "LINE FRIENDS"! "LINE FRIENDS Candy Workshop" is an interactive game house. In this candy factory, a group of friends from LINE FRIENDS are making candy, they need helpers to process the materials, sort the candy through the interactive screen, or use the basket to catch the candies, let's make delicious candies together!

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