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Xensory Lab provides you with different kind of sensory experiences solutions. With strong team support for industry advanced hardware technology and software development specialist. We could help to create extraordinary experiences for you and your client need.



Control variety of electronic components by sensing different types of body gestures

Multi-user Touch Screen Game For Learning

Showroom Motion Detection Game

Motion Detection Game Competition On Stage

Motion Detection Game Competition On Stage

Motion Game for Kids

Motion Game For Kid Mandarin Tones Learning


Connect touch panel and display in variety of scenario, create informative digital era

Multi-user Touch Screen Game For Learning
Motion Detection Game Competition On Stage
Touch Screen POP

Multi-touch Screen Learning Game For Students

Multi-touch Screen Table Information Center

Touch Screen POP For Marketing & Promotion


Display virtual information on screen correspondingly to the scenes or objects captured from camera

AR Application

AR Application For Engineering Training Course

AR Game For Brand Public Relations Event

AR Game
AR Display

AR Display For Model Superimposing In Exhibition

Motion Detection Game Competition On Stage


Stimulate various sensory perception to provide a seamless feeling of being in an

actual environment using walking & immersive projection VR

Motion Detection Game Competition On Stage

Projection VR For Engineering Training

Motion Detection Game Competition On Stage

HMD (Head Mounted Display) App Development

Large Scale  Immersive Projection VR System

360 Photo/Video Production

A virtual tour with 360 degree or panoramic photo/video for reality experience

Real Estate Property Shooting Demonstration - 360 Shooting (No Installation Required)

< View Full-Screen & VR Mode >

Real Estate Property Shooting Demonstration - Matterport (No Installation Required)

< View Full-Screen & VR Mode >

360 Degree Photo Shooting

360 Degree Photo Shooting

GoPro Omni

360 Degree Shooting Using GoPro Omni

Aerial Photography

360 Degree Drone For Aerial Photography

360 Degree And Panoramic Photo/Video Shooting

The World-Class Enterprise-Level VR Solution

Xensory Lab Limited is authorized reseller and services provider of the world-class leading VR solution provider - Worldviz VR System.


WorldViz has been the leader in virtual reality solutions, providing consulting and technological development to Fortune 500 companies and top research institutions since 2002. VizMove takes our high-performance virtual reality software toolkit, Vizard, and pairs it with top-of-the-line computing, motion tracking, and 3D projection technology to enable you with the world's best virtual reality solution, enabling you from the moment you open the box to drive your projects from conception to complete VR immersion. VizMove Projection VR is suited for industrial training, behavioral research, design review, and much more.


The World’s First Professional VR Product Line

Vizard Virtual Reality Software & Precision Position Tracking (PPT)

The World's first professional VR product line - Worldviz System could quickly build and experience the perfect virtual reality environment with the industry’s only complete hardware and software solution. From seated VR to wide-area walking systems, VizMove easily and cost-effectively scales to your VR requirements. Discover how easy it is to design, deploy, and modify your own 3D content using Vizard, the premier virtual reality development platform included with VizMove.


With Vizard Virtual Reality Software, it could create engaging virtual worlds and immersive applications with the most comprehensive virtual reality development platform in the industry.

  • Build once, deploy everywhere. Universal VR hardware connectivity supports all HMDs, 3D displays, motion trackers, and input devices.

  • Experience rapid application development (RAD) with a sophisticated simulation engine.

  • Leverage the power of Python, the world’s most accessible scripting language. Includes robust open-source community libraries and toolkits.

  • Achieve extraordinary rendering including multi-user, clustering, and multi-channel abilities.

Worldviz Controller

VizMove Walking VR System

Immersive, wide-area walking virtual reality.

  • Create realistic virtual reality environments with pre-configured hardware and software.

  • Visualize, navigate and interact at scale.

  • Freely move and walk around in a tracking space of any size and shape.

VizMove Projection VR System

Interactive, experience for large audiences.

  • Create realistic virtual reality environments with pre-configured hardware and software.

  • Adjust to any space,  leave zero footprint in your office or work space.


  • Experience live group virtual interaction and tap into the power of social presence.

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