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ONE-STOP from creative to delivery
We provide a total tailor-made solution for VR / AR / Touch / Motion for all your need. Offers a full range ONE-STOP support from creative & design, software development, hardware integration, setup & training to ensuring quality on time delivery.

Creative & Design

Technology Integration

Our experienced solution team would help you to build custom applications or systems from scratch. We can design, implement and test a complete system for you efficiently, while making sure to meet your technical and financial need.

We have strong support for industry advanced hardware technology including mobile devices, VR headsets, 3D projectors and touch screens, eye-trackers, feedback devices, motion capture and more. Our solution can be easily integrated with any VR hardware.

Customized Development

Whether you need to work for a PR event, training for operation 

procedures, to visualize a large space or are envisioning a scientific research project. Our engineers, developers & design team can design complex system customized applications per your specifications

We offer white-glove on-site installation and training services to get

your experience system running smoothly. For long-term support, we offer

plans that connect you with our experts whenever you need assistance.

Our innovative technology course offers students an extraordinary virtual experience.

Training &

Learning Course

All-RANGE product line 
Our expert team have strong support for industry advanced hardware technology including mobile devices, VR headsets, 3D projectors and touch screens, eye-trackers, feedback devices, motion capture. We could provide best value and cost/performance ratio plan for your need, with integrated solution to best fit with your idea.
All-range VR product line
We offer tailor-made hardware rental services of our VR sets and advanced devices for your need. Whether you are going to organize a PR event, annual function or conference, we could provide a flexible and affordable rental solution for your need. Our experienced program development team could also provide strong backup for the content and game development to best fit your requirement. 
Our devices
  • 3-Glasses S1 Blubur VR SET

  • 360 Degree Camera/Drone

  • Google Daydream VR SET

  • Google Expeditions VR Kit

  • Group Mobile Tablet Solution


  • Multi-Touch Screen Table

  • Multi-Wall CAVE Projection

  • Motion Detection Kiosk

  • Oculus RIFT SET

  • Samsang Gear VR SET

  • Sony Playstation VR SET

  • Precision Position Tracking

  • TV Wall/Projection Wall

  • Virtuix-Omni Walking VR

  • VR Bike

  • VR Car Racing

  • VR Chairs (1-3 seats)

  • VR Flight Simulator

  • Worldviz VizMove VR SET

Let us know more about your event, we could plan and give you incredible experiences.

Device rental

STEM Innovative Technology Program

We committed to providing high-end STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) hardware/software support and teaching programs. Combining the latest Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and 360 Panoramic shooting of state-of-the-art equipment, we help to develop students' creativity, logic and problem solving capabilities, integrate and apply interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. We also provide a series of hardware and software support to the school for long-term development, so that students experience the latest innovation and technology, and with the future development of STEM curriculum.

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