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Innovative Technology Program

Xensory Lab
Starwish Little Prince

In coordinate to the world's educational trends and the education policy of the Hong Kong Education Bureau, Xensory Lab and Starwish Little Prince committed to providing high-end STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) hardware/software support and teaching programs.


Combining the latest Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and 360 Panoramic shooting of state-of-the-art equipment, we help to develop students' creativity, logic and problem solving capabilities, integrate and apply interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. We also provide a series of hardware and software support to the school for long-term development, so that students experience the latest innovation and technology, and with the future development of STEM curriculum.

All-round STEM teaching elements

The curriculum balances the STEM teaching elements, including arithmetical operation, such as calculating the movement speed of objects, teaching engineering knowledge, scientific logic and computer programs, training students' logic and problem solving skills, also disciplines such as art, film and media.

Apply top new technology to go beyond science

The course will use the industry's top new technology to enable students to experience the latest technology, including panoramic scanner - Matterport, Omni-directional VR Walker Virtuix Omni, Microsoft Hololens, Immersive VR Projection System Worldviz Projection VR, the industry's leading Motion capture (Motion Capture) system OptiTrack, and a number of virtual systems, and arranged to visit the industry's studio or VR technology training center.

Extended learning and continuous to gear-up

The program package includes a wide range of teaching equipment, such as HTC Vive and/or Google Expeditions Kit and/or VR glasses, so that students could continue to learn VR/AR and 360 panoramic technology. If you have other classes in the STEM program, you can still use the existing teaching equipment.

Experience IT team to school, showcase learning results side by side

With our experienced professional instructor in education, innovation and technology. We master the full range of IT skills, in an easy to understand way to teach STEM courses, students could learn autonomic.


Our instructor come to school to teach in class, provide flexible class time, equipment and technical assistance, so that students could show VR/AR learning results on the school open day to the visitor.

Program Features

Mathematics 數 學

Engineering 工 程

Science 科 學

Technology 科 技



Optimistic and positive

for difficulties

Integrate and apply knowledge and skills

Innovative, creativity and problem solving

STEM Teaching

Why choose the Starwish Little Prince as your partner for STEM teaching program?


Starwish Prince is one of the leading e-learning platform leaders in Hong Kong. Since 2005, the development of teaching platform and learning software has been used by more than 1,000 secondary school, primary school and educational institutions in Hong Kong and overseas. With the most diversified hardware and software lineup for schools and teaching institutions to provide the best and affordable, simple learning platform system to meet the teaching and learning from entry to the advanced teaching curriculum of all you need.

Curriculum development partner

Software application support

Hardware purchase discount

e-Learning teaching kit

Teaching management platform

Innovative Teaching and Learning

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